The industrial arms and partners of Emirates National Investment (ENI) stretch to a variety of sectors and regions, gaining ground wherever competitive advantage, existing and potential demand, and excellent long-term prospects exist.

In tandem with ENI’s corporate philosophy of engaging in the activities that generate an added value for the economies of the regions where it operates, all the industrial establishments have been carefully selected to serve that end.

The group’s integrated industrial operations and partnerships aim at serving its activities and to cater for the growing demand for such projects in the region as a result of the robust economic growth and development.

With establishments strategically proliferated throughout the UAE, GCC and MENA region, ENI ensured sound and diversified supply chains to efficiently serve clients.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Today’s Ready Solutions

The overwhelming demand for ready-mix concrete in the UAE, GCC and MENA region; owing to the massive infrastructure development as well as the booming real estate markets, requires a steady and reliable supply of the highest quality in a timely manner.

ENI has well established itself among the most reliable ready-mix concrete suppliers with a track record of path-breaking projects.

Assuring quality ready-mix concrete products to meet the growing requirements of the construction sector, ENI’s operations and partnerships acquire the necessary large-scale production capacity to meet the growing demand to many development and infrastructure projects.


Integrating the Nature to Business

As part of ENI's commitment to partner in the agricultural development for the overall sustainability of the region; the group provides for integrated agriculture production, processing and manufacturing operations.

The imminence of food security issues in the region was a strong catalyst for ENI to strongly support agricultural production through large-scale agricultural partnerships and investments, together with other integral operations to secure optimum utilization of the regions rich resources in this field.

Plastic Bottling Production

Cutting Edge Quality

The scarcity of fresh water supplies in the region has entailed strong demand for plastic bottling whether for fresh or mineral water, or other beverages. Such strong demand, accompanied by the growing industrial growth and demand for plastic bottling in the region, presented an opportunity for ENI to capitalize on these solid market foundations, and to contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

Hence, the group has founded itself to be among the most innovative investment partners in the market; applying in-house solutions to production and operations, manufacturing a diverse array of plastic bottling solutions designed to meet the requirements of varied industries through state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals.

The product portfolio includes PP, PS, PE and PET bottles, manufactured through in-house innovative techniques introduced and apply by top industry professionals who also provide for a variety of creative pre-designed products to cater for immediate response to production requirements.

With establishments strategically proliferated throughout the UAE, GCC and MENA region, ENI ensured sound and diversified supply chains to efficiently serve clients